Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (two trailers)

This looks more silly than anything else. I might buy Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter, but running up walls? I didn’t know that parkour was a thing in the 19th century. What I get from this trailer is that this isn’t the period piece it should be but a modern action movie in period drag. It could be a lot more interesting than that.

And what’s this?

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Are you a patriot or a vampire? That is simply slanderous, suggesting that a vampire could not also be a patriot.

The international trailer, perhaps not unexpectedly, omits the patriot question:

And it adds a voiceover by Dominic Cooper that makes the film a lot more appealing to me. It tells me that perhaps Lincoln will be an actual human character, not a videogame avatar, and that there maybe something like a story here.

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Which trailer do you like better?

Via /film.

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