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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

Project X (trailer)

Okay, lest there be any mistake that this film is somehow meant to critique excess, Warner Bros. wants you to know that the behavior depicted — a party that gets so out of hand

Project X

that it ends up with a neighborhood on fire — is something that turns “losers” into “legends.” It doesn’t make them dorks with felony records, it elevates them to the level of myth. And not in a tragic way, either.

What this movie will show you is so amazing that the intended audience will (or should) accept it as “the best party movie ever” and an event that they will wish they could have been a part of. Apparently, turning into “a parent’s worst nightmare” is the highest aspiration a teen could have.

Also: tasing is awesome.

So, yes, since you asked, I am so looking forward to yet another movie celebrating idiot teenage boys.

US/Canada release date: Mar 2 2012 | UK release date: Mar 2 2012

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