Sacha Baron Cohen responds — ingeniously — in character to his booting from the Oscars (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• *facepalm* National Enquirer publisher calls Whitney Houston casket photo ‘beautiful’

• Brilliant, brilliant piece about how women are let down by pop culture, how some of us take it back and make it our own, and — most brilliantly — about how what is expected of women in the larger culture is also a kind of cosplay (ie, “performing femininity”). Gender-swapped Doctors are our new favorite form of Doctor Who cosplay

• My goodness! A handsome young man with presumably lots of opportunities is being responsible about sex? Get my smelling salts! Zac Efron drops condom? Actor appears to be caught with contraceptive at ‘The Lorax’ premiere

• Sacha Baron Cohen responds in character to his booting from the Oscars. I love this guy! Admiral General Aladeen – Today Show Appearance

• Hilarious! Back to the future… Six decades of cutting edge TV sets

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