The Hunger Games (the final? trailer)

Lionsgate has done such a great job with these trailers (see the previous one here) — they’re genuinely teasing, and only hint at what we’re in for. It’s hard to imagine how people who haven’t read the books are seeing them, but as someone who does know the story, I’m still captivated to see how it’s translating to the screen. The glimpses we get of the Capitol, for instance

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

look fantastic: futuristic, but still indicative of a smaller society that has contracted from our world today (as is the case in the book).

I love, too, how carefully chosen the snippets of dialogue are. Katniss’s “Take care of them” to Gale is pretty standard in this sort of situation (the protagonist going off to fight and leaving loved ones at home in someone else’s care). Her “Don’t let them starve” isn’t. I hope this piques the interest of newcomers to the story, clues them in that this isn’t another same-old science fiction action movie.

This is just beautiful:

The Hunger Games

Secret collusion! Rebellion! Defiance!

Or is that coming through only because I’ve read the books?

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