the Internet demands authenticity? (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:

• The Internet demands authenticity? Would someone tell trolls and anonymous commenters?: Woody Harrelson Makes The Internet Cringe: A Need For Authenticity In The Digital Era | Mediaite
• Cool! (Spoilers for Series 2!): “Sherlock” Fans Create DIY Guerilla Marketing Campaign “Believe in Sherlock” | MovieViral
• This: The MPAA Must Die (and How You Can Help Make That Happen) | Film School Rejects
• Apparently Tim Burton has turned to fashion design…: BKRW.COM Extraordinaire Digital Magazine about Extraordinaire Products » THOM BROWNE catwalk F/W 2012
(I’m just throwing a lot of links up on social networking sites these days, if I have only quick comments about them, rather than going to the extra time and effort to format them for posting here. You’d be surprised how much time that can take away from making my own content.)

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