Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure (trailer)

Oh, Kirk Cameron. Secularism and religious freedom are among those things that have made — in your words — America “the richest, freest nation the world has ever seen,” and you want to change that course? Or should we argue about how debatable America’s riches and freedom are compared to happier, healthier, better educated Europe and Japan?

I’m making a face like this right now:

Monumental Kirk Cameron

Did our forefathers leave us, I dunno, some kind of a map to guide us to success? They sure did: it’s called the Constitution.

I love this, from The Christian Post:

In the film, Cameron finds that the pilgrims relied on themselves, not the U.S. government, to instill the foundations of virtue and character in the future offsprings of America.

*snort* The pilgrims couldn’t have relied on the U.S. government for anything, because it didn’t exist then.

I’m gonna guess that our families are worth fighting for as long as they’re Christian families. The rest of us can go suck it.

Or, here’s an idea: If Cameron feels religiously persecuted as a Christian, perhaps he could take a cue from the pilgrims and go start a crazy religious colony somewhere. Just a thought.

Monumental is not in general release, but it is screening again tonight in select U.S. cities. I presume the official site might help you find out where, if you’re looking for a good comedy.

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