nutty lady thinks her ghosthunter father was just like the Doctor (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Coolest thing ever? Spray-On Antenna Can Turn Anything Into a Cellphone Signal Booster

• I love this picture! http://yfrog.com/ochjcfdj

• Disney loves kids. Unless they’re fatty fat fats. Disney’s Habit Heroes Accused of “fat-shaming”

• Nutty lady thinks her ghosthunter father was, kinda really and truly, just like the Doctor (from Doctor Who). She also seems to believe that “paranormal research” is “humanitarian” work. Which proves one thing, at least: Huffington Post really will let anyone post anything there. Doctor Who Is Really Dr. Hans Holzer

• Why not just call it a happiness dispenser? Sprinkles installing 24-hour cupcake machines

• Yes, US Weekly, this is the most important aspect of this casting news to note. Keepin’ it classy, US… Scarlett Johansson to Do Naked Shower Scene in Making of Psycho

• And now we see why Project X is so brain-dead: one of its screenwriters is brain-dead. Critics don’t condemn ultraviolence? On what planet? ‘Project X’ Screenwriter Responds To Critics: ‘We’d Be Disappointed if There Wasn’t Outrage’

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