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question of the day: How soon is too soon to start talking about next year’s Oscars?

The Hunger Games Elizabeth Banks Josh Hutcherson Jennifer Lawrence

*sigh* Look, I think The Hunger Games is terrific, but this is ridiculous:

Might the Hunger Games be the First Best Picture Contender of the Year?

It’s a laughable notion to most — that The Hunger Games could be considered, would be considered, might be considered a Best Picture contender. It’s not a British drama, nor a coming-of-middle-age, nor a political statement — but what it is is an undeniable hit. $200 million in the first ten days?

That’s Sasha Stone at Awards Daily, and yes, it’s a laughable notion. Not because of anything to do with the film, but because it’s only early April.

Stone continues:

If it were me… I would consider The Hunger Games easily one of the best pictures of the year so far.

Yeah, it’s one of my best films of 2012 so far, too. But it’s only early April. Hundreds of films have yet to be released this year. Dozens of likely awards contenders aren’t even on the radar yet.

How soon is too soon to start talking about next year’s Oscars?

And do we have any choice apart from sticking our fingers in our ears to avoid too-early Oscar talk?

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