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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

The Lucky One (trailer)

Soldier finds a random picture in the desert half a world away, and the woman in it just happens to be American, thin, blonde, pretty, young, and lonely for a man.

What are the odds?

Oh, but he was meant to find that photo!


Nicholas Sparks, I hate you, and I hate your ass-face books, and I hate the ass-face movies they get turned into. Which I’ve now pretty much seen the entirety of thanks to this trailer. Not that a Nicholas Sparks story can be spoiled. Of course Zac Efron doesn’t tell the pretty blonde lady how he found her! Of course she’s weirded out at the end of the second act — after they’ve already had their sexy shower and he’s bonded with the adorable towheaded moppet and with the dog — when she learns his secret. Of course she’ll forgive him.


US/Canada release date: Apr 20 2012 | UK release date: May 2 2012

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