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Total Recall (trailer)

Aww, we’re not going to Mars again? What’s the point of remaking the movie if we’re not gonna go to Mars again?


Colin Farrell gives me hope, however. This moment, when he shifts from “I’m just a regular guy!” to his secret-agent instinct turning on

Total Recall Colin Farrell

is fantastic, just how his facial expression hardens. I love him. And then when he shifts back again, to his “I’m a nice guy, what have I just done?!”

Total Recall Colin Farrell

I don’t think there are many actors who could pull off both badass and nice-guy in the same movie. Farrell is definitely one of them.

I’m no fan of director Len Wisman, but at least there appears to be some fresh science fictional visual inventiveness here. Someone has extrapolated, at least, the possibilities of anti-grav cars:

Total Recall

That’s kinda cool and different.

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