George Lucas just invented hate-charity (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• If Maurice Sendak drew the Avengers. Aww. Sweet. *sniff* Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak)

• Does this mean CNN will do some real journalism? CNN To Launch ‘CNN Films’ Features Banner

• Um, didn’t George Lucas just invent passive-aggressive charity-giving, or just plain hate-charity? George Lucas Does Something Likeable For a Change: Revenge on Rich Neighbors

• Not sure if this article is meant to come to the defense of silly popcorn fiction, but if it is, starting off by suggesting that people whose “clicking heels” disturb the hallowed ground of Barnes and Noble cannot be erudite and never read “the classics” is not the way to go about it. ’50 Shades’ another brick in the wall between fans and critics

• So, in five years will kindergartens be full of Tyrions and Blue Ivys? Reality TV, pop culture inspire baby names

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