Peter Dinklage’s godhood finally being recognized (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Now, if only I had someplace to wear this… Nerd Alert: A Film-Inspired Dress You Can Actually Watch in the Dark

• Your “humanity doesn’t *completely* suck” news for the day. Couple hands over nine masterpieces to Tate because they ‘want everyone to see them’

• Yeah, because Instagrams are personal daydreams, and Photoshopped ads are manipulations. It’s the difference between a fantasy and a lie. Instagram Is OK, But Photoshop Is Evil? The Truth About Digital Lies

• Imagine if Battleship was this passionate… Peter Berg Blows Up His BATTLESHIP In Israeli TV Interview MNSFW (1’34″)

• Discover the glamorous life of a Hollywood insider! #hollywoodassistants

• Nice to see Peter Dinklage’s godhood finally being recognized… Ladies and gentlemen? You can stop what you’re doing. For whoever made this has won the Universe

Peter Dinklage (P)IMP

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