if Shakespeare wrote about the modern English royal family (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Oh, for the love of pete: It’s a *commercial.* You’re excited about an *ad.* Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’: Counting Down To The Trailer

• Well, cool. But I can’t help but wonder, what took them so long? Disney to quit taking ads for junk food aimed at kids

• Holy god, I thought it was only idiot drive-by troll commenters at my site who don’t understand criticism and what critics do. But David Carr of The New York Times doesn’t get it either. Unless he’s being a troll… A.O. Scott on criticism: “This is not a progressive kindergarten.”

• D’oh! NASA coverage of Venus interrupted due to Australian roadworker’s error

• Ooo, this has my blood boiling. Not the content of the piece — which is a rehash of stuff others have said with nary an original idea in it — but the fact that GQ paid disgraced, unethical “journalist” Johann Hari to regurgitate this when it could have given one of the unpaid critics Hari is writing about a reprieve from a shitty money job to review a book, film, game, or album. Or even to write about the realities of being one of those unpaid critics. I guess it’s sexier to hire a someone who’s “controversial,” though. Yeah, plagiarism is “controversial” now. There are all those folks defending it, after all. Perhaps the editors of GQ should look in the mirror if they’re looking for what’s killing journalism. Is this the end for critics?

• Best Net comment ever. I like the thought that if Shakespeare lived today he would be drafting a play about our existing royal family and since he was hot on revenge plays I imagine it would follow lines something like this. Charles, king in waiting, marries the lovely and innocent Diana only to continue his long standing affair with the sinister Camilla. Two heirs are produced but Charle’s increasingly open affair and increasing disdain for Diana leads to all being discovered. Diana goes into exile then tragically dies amidst rumours of a royal plot to remove her. Charles marries Camilla who is seemingly accepted by the two heirs, William and Harry……However, secretly they vow to revenge their mother, waiting patiently till the time is right and they can strike against those who destroyed her…….

• Heh: “Dominic Dromgoole, artistic director of the reconstructed Globe, described the discovery as ‘hugely exciting’. ‘I love the fact that we are excavating London, and slowly clearing away the miserable piles of Victoriana and Empire, and revealing the wild, anarchic and joyous London which is lurking beneath.'” Shakespeare’s Curtain theatre unearthed in east London

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