invisibility cloaks for sale (and other adventures in social networking)

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• I’m no fan of Carr’s, but come the fuck on. If David Cameron is gonna scold a celeb over *legal* tax avoidance, will he do the same for all the rich assholes running the country, running banking, in charge of all the things that have completely screwed the world? Where is the outrage, the shaming, of all the far richer bastards who dodge taxes *illegally*? How about all the megacorps that dodge taxes both legally and illegally? Goddamn fucking hypocrites, our leaders. I think the “evil or stupid” question has been settled. They’re evil. Jimmy Carr and the morality of tax avoidance

• Haven’t seen the film yet, looks good, hope I like it. That said, no one needs to know any of these things. Have film bloggery and film fandom just jumped a shark? 5 Things You Should Know About the Making of Your Sister’s Sister

• Sad news… Doctor Who actress Caroline John dies aged 72

• Heh. invisibility cloaks for sale [image]

invisibility cloaks for sale

• David Poland surveys the state of film criticism in the wake of Andrew Sarris’s passsing… and damn, it’s depressing. On Film Criticism… On Sarris’ Passing

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