adding a new bit of info to my reviews from now on…

In the middle column under the info heading, you’ll now see, below the MPAA and BBFC ratings, whether I saw a film in 2D, 3D, 2D IMAX, or 3D IMAX. If I saw a film on a big screen, that is. (If and when 3D TV becomes an everyday thing, perhaps I’ll have to add options for small-screen 3D, but that day is not yet.)
Sometimes I would mention this in my reviews, but it hasn’t always been relevant to what I’ve chosen to focus on. I hope this addition will give you a larger context for appreciating how my reviews may apply to you.

In order to test the new functionality, I’ve added this info to my reviews of Ice Age: Continental Drift (2D) and The Amazing Spider-Man (3D).

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