Keith Lemon: The Film (trailer)

My IQ dropped so much watching this trailer I am no longer able to calculate how much it dropped.

For those not in the know about Keith Lemon, I’m sorry to have to shatter your blessed ignorance: Lemon is the British equivalent of what might happen if Will Ferrell got knocked on the head after performing a particularly hideously unfunny Saturday Night Live character and has been living since 1993 believing he actually is that character. For Lemon is the invention of “comedian” Leigh Francis, but you would be forgiven for believing that Lemon is a real person, for all the times Lemon has appeared on celebrity reality crap TV. If Lemon is supposed to be a sendup of celebrishit, Francis is doing it all wrong.

Also: Is it official now? That any movie in which David Hasselhoff appears as himself — or, indeed, in any capacity — is unwatchable?

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