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Man of Steel (teaser trailers)

Two teaser trailers. Because, hey, why not get the fanboys doing some homework a year in advance of the movie. Let ’em go crazy trying to figure out what’s different between the two.

Far as I can tell from my exhaustive research — ie, I watched each teaser once — the only difference is the voiceover. In the first one, it’s Superman’s Kryptonian father (Russell Crowe) offering him manly advice, and in the second one, it’s Clark Kent’s human dad (Kevin Costner) doing the same.

Anyway, by tomorrow, we’ll have some serious in-depth analysis from around the Net.

Also: Is the imagery here suggesting that even Superman, as a kid, played at being Superman? How would he know?

US/Canada release date: Jun 14 2013 | UK release date: Jun 14 2013

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