please tell me what you think this ad is saying…

This ad has been all over AlterNet in recent weeks:

4 dangers destroying men

And it sure as hell looks to me like it’s suggesting that young, sexy women are destroying men, which is the cornerstone of “men’s rights activists,” as exemplified by this one idiot deconstructed at the hilarious site Man Boobz. (I put “men’s rights activists” in quotes not because I don’t know that of course men have rights, but because “men’s rights activism” is all about blaming women — and specifically feminism and feminists — for every bad thing that happens to men.)

I’m not gonna link to the site that image is advertising — you can find the ad easily enough at AlterNet if you really must see it — but it turns out to be selling cheesy “male enhancement” products… which in turn means that this ad is a more traditional form of sexism: “Hey, guys!” it’s saying. “Do you want to fuck this girl? Then you need to buy the shit we’re selling.” (What’s more, this is a specific example of how sexism hurts men as well as women.)

Anyway, this ad has been absolutely infuriating me for weeks. I’ve complained — twice — to AlterNet about it. And the idea it is selling is directly connected to the crap outspoken women on the Net get pummeled with on a regular basis. I’m sick of it.

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