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2016: Obama’s America (trailer)

So, I guess the thing that we’re supposed to learn from this trailer that is horrifying about Barack Obama’s agenda is that he wants to “downsize America”? So I further guess, then, that this film is aimed at people who don’t understand that peak oil is here, that we must cut carbon emissions dramatically now, that the way of life we’ve been enjoying since the post-WWII period is not sustainable… and also that they want to amp it up even more.

Okay, now I’m scared.

I sense that the black family squabbling over the Monopoly game board is meant to signify something, but I don’t get what that should be. The Black Father in the White House is going to send banksters to jail, perhaps? And this is meant to be a bad thing? (If only there were any indication at all that this is something on Obama’s to-do list.)

US/Canada release date: Jul 13 2012

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