question of the day: What is your favorite biopic?

Out of Africa Meryl Streep

Today’s question comes from Patrick, who writes:

Biopics have been an important staple in the history of cinema. From Abraham Lincoln (Abe Lincoln in Illinois) to Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network) we’ve seen onscreen many tales of movers and shakers and and the occasional holy person who’ve affected the world we live. What’s your favorite?

Also: Should one follow the Roger Ebert axiom of “It’s not what it’s about, but how it’s about” when it comes to well told screen biographies about less-than-reputable people (“The People vs Larry Flynt”; “The Last King of Scotland”)? And does it matter if it’s not 100% true to the historical facts in lieu of it being entertaining (like “Nixon”)?

And this QOTD is also in honor of the debut of the serious speculation and anticipation for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln has now begun, with the debut of the trailer.

So: What is your favorite biopic? Should a biopic have to be 100 percent accurate in order to be considered a “good” biopic, or is it okay for a filmmaker to fudge the truth in the name on telling an entertaining story?

The first one that springs to mind for me is Out of Africa, because it’s a gorgeous movie, and because it’s about a woman, which so few biopics are.

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