question of the day: What is your perfect movie?

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Perfect movies have been in the air this past summer. Oh, not the new movies — though I did just call End of Watch a perfect film — but a few revivals: Jaws on the big screen (at least in the U.K.), Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX… Cinema heaven. And now The Princess Bride will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a screening and cast reunion at the New York Film Festival. The event is already sold out, of course.
(I’ll take this opportunity to remind you about my book, The Totally Geeky Guide to The Princess Bride, a deconstruction of the film that explains why it grips our imagination so, available in print at Amazon [U.S.] [Canada] [U.K.] and in multiple ebook formats at Smashwords and iTunes.)

What is your perfect movie (or movies)? And what makes a perfect movie perfect for you?

For me, if a movie can combine humor and adventure and escapism and a smidge of romance and a bit of fantasy, it’s got a better chance of making it on to my “perfect” list. That’s not an exhaustive list of qualities, but I crafted from the intersection of Raiders and Bride, which are the two movies that may have had the biggest impact on my love of movies and my desire to work with movies somehow. I can’t imagine changing anything about either film, either. They’re both perfect.

Your turn…

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