today is the 15th anniversary of

On this day in 1997, I started posting movies reviews on the Internet at a site called The Flick Filosopher, which was then hosted at the server space allowed to me as as AOL subscriber.

Things were very different on the Net back then.
If I had had any inkling that I might still be doing this 15 years later, there’s lots I’d have done differently. I’d never have called the site “Flick Filosopher,” for one: it’s terrible for SEO. But of course, I would have had to anticipate a thing called “SEO” back then.

There weren’t many film-review sites online back then, and very few of the ones that were there are still around today. Which makes me either very pigheaded or very insane.

I’d love to be around for another 15 years. If you’d like to help make that happen, now would be a good time to purchase a subscription, if you haven’t already. I realize that times are tough and money is tight… but that’s true for me as well. I don’t make anything close to a reasonable living from my work here, despite spending more than full-time hours on it. This is not, as you may imagine, a sustainable position for me to be in. (A while back I announced that the minimum subscription would be going up to $5 per month. Real progress has been made on the reason behind this, and so that uppage will occur shortly. So there’s another incentive to subscribe now.)

Thank you to all my readers who have been around for many years. You are what has kept me going when it hasn’t always seemed like the smartest thing for me to be doing.

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