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Fri Sep 08 2017, 09:00am | 10 comments

fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Dec 22-28 2012

Sun Dec 30 2012, 11:44pm | 0 comments

fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Dec 08-14 2012

Sun Dec 16 2012, 08:44pm | 0 comments

today is the 15th anniversary of FlickFilosopher.com

Sat Sep 08 2012, 02:08pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Have we reached a point of cultural stagnation?

Fri Jan 20 2012, 08:00am | 3 comments

must reads: “Why Is TV Suddenly Overstuffed With Buxom Bunnies, Sexy Stewardesses, and Charlie’s Angels?”

Thu Sep 29 2011, 08:52pm | 0 comments

wtf: AOL is still in the dialup business?

Sun Jun 26 2011, 04:12pm | 0 comments

Maria Shriver leaked Arnie’s shame; Alan Rickman’s awesome open letter to J.K. Rowling; Disney abandons ‘Seal Team 6’ trademark; more: leftover links

Mon May 30 2011, 11:21pm | 0 comments

Alex Pettyfer slams Hollywood; big ‘Harry Potter’ spoiler in trailer; Hollywood gender gap still gapping; more: leftover links

Mon May 02 2011, 01:41am | 0 comments

‘Harry Potter’ documentary on the way; Twitter loves TV; Bradley Cooper in ‘The Crow’?; more: leftover links

Mon Apr 18 2011, 01:16am | 0 comments

royal wedding hype; ‘Hanna’s Joe Wright says ‘Sucker Punch’ is sexist; dear god no, there’s gonna be another ‘Tron’ flick; more: leftover links

Sun Apr 10 2011, 03:30pm | 0 comments

AOL/HuffPo shoots the messenger, fires Moviefone editor Patricia Chui over work-for-free email

Thu Apr 07 2011, 02:34am | 0 comments

backpedaling is beautiful: AOL/HuffPo attempts damage control

Wed Apr 06 2011, 05:11pm | 0 comments

AOL/HuffPo to movie journos: You’re fired, unless you want to write for free

Wed Apr 06 2011, 01:42pm | 0 comments

FX overload is killing next season’s TV; Sammy Hagar comes out as alien infiltree and crazy person; Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z’ probably dead; more: leftover links

Mon Mar 28 2011, 12:37am | 0 comments

my outrage over the TechCrunch AOL ‘Source Code’ mess (aka: this is why we can’t have nice things)

Sat Mar 19 2011, 02:44pm | 0 comments

Christian Bale ranting again; Keith Olbermann goes to Current; Morgan Spurlock, plagiarist?; more: leftover links

Sun Feb 13 2011, 06:51pm | 0 comments

writers must stop giving their work away to Huffington Post

Wed Feb 09 2011, 03:33pm | 0 comments

the end of torture porn?; the end of the Internet?; what TV viewers want more of (and what they’re going to get instead); more: leftover links

Sun Sep 05 2010, 12:38pm | 0 comments

You’ve Got Mail (review)

Mon May 24 1999, 12:54am | 0 comments

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