question of the day: Which villains deserve stories of their own?

Firefly Christina Hendricks

Pop culture is full of villains bursting with personality and charisma — Q; Moriarty; Magneto — or merely so terrifyingly capable of evoking horror that we cannot look away from them: Voldemort; Darth Vader; the Joker. Yet these awesome bad guys inevitably take a backseat to the square-jawed white-bread hero. Time to rectify that.
Which villains deserve stories of their own?

I’m gonna go with a bad girl: Saffron the con artist from Firefly, and not just because she’s played by the spectacularly magnetic Christina Hendricks. Of course, this would also mean returning to the universe of Firefly, which would be no unwelcome thing.

As a second choice, I’d go with the psychotic Travis from Blake’s 7, because he’s clearly got a fascinating past, and also because it would be wildly fun to recast him today. Benedict Cumberbatch, perhaps?

Your turn…

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