Halo 4 will ban sexist idiots (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Whoa. Bloomberg Businessweek’s global warming cover

Bloomberg global warming cover

• It’s about time the industry made some attempt to make its products and services friendlier — or at least less nasty — to half the population. It’s good business sense, if nothing else. Halo 4 creators introduce lifetime ban for sexism

• Filmmakers should take this test, too. The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam

• The Cone of Shame comes from the Dark Side. Dogs have always known this. Another Dog and Star Wars crossover! I think it’s missing some Mickey Ears though.

Death Star Cone of Shame

• Had to do an emergency OS upgrade this week (to Mac 10.6.8), and now I’m dealing with the legacy of that, part of which is the wakeup call that tells me I’m gonna have to dump all my apps that aren’t Intel native (because I will inevitably have to upgrade again to 10.8 soon). This is a problem because I don’t have thousands of dollars to throw into new software, so I’m having to find free or almost free alternatives that are as powerful as the software I’m going to lose. They do exist, but it’s taking time to find them, do installations, discover they don’t serve my needs, find other ones, do installations, figure out that I can make do, and start transitioning files over. All this so I can get back to where I was before. Cuz gods know, I have nothing else I could be doing with my time…

• Is Benedict Cumberbatch doing *every* ad voiceover on British TV? Or have creatives just gone all out to find guys who sound like him?

• *groan* Make it stop. Author Nicholas Sparks Sets Up Three Cable Dramas

• So much win in this Air New Zealand flight safety video. First time ever I’ve laughed out loud — more than once! — at such a thing. New Zealand Flight Safety Presented By “Hobbit” Characters

(hat-tips for today’s links: Peter, Tyler, Galleycat)

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