“Journalist Wanted. No Pay.” ugh (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Spoiler: the answer is yes. Did Skype Give a Private Company Data on Teen WikiLeaks Supporter Without a Warrant?

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Sherlock blogging: “The Reichenbach Fall”

my readers are the best people on the Web

River Song, meet Hello Kitty (and other adventures in social networking)

female gazing at: Ben Whishaw

Halo 4 will ban sexist idiots (and other adventures in social networking)

question of the weekend: What do you see in the world (or whatever corner of it you choose) that gives you hope?

• “Journalist Wanted. No Pay.” Sadly, this is not at all uncommon. Depressing Craigslist ad of the day

Journalist Wanted No Pay

• Fun stuff from this week’s search terms, or how people found FlickFilosopher.com:

“why is my favorite movie”
“doctor who mature and responsible”
“why do girls like robert downey jr.” <--- oh, where to start?! “panties in mouth” <--- ugh “ugly evil looking woman” “cute snuggies” “wagon train fan fiction” <--- there’s a fandom for everyone “john barrowman fat” <--- c’mon, people “evil turkey” “i wanna play the actual wreck it ralph” <--- me too! “watch wreck it ralph for free” <--- fuck you, buy a ticket “slaughtered vomit dolls promise to satan” <--- I don’t want to know... “demand media scam” “caspian/peter slash fanfiction” <--- Baby Aslan would not approve “why are there so many crime dramas” “how to be like doctor who” • A reader at my site dubbed my fans "MaryAnnketeers." I dunno about that... From Trekkies to Twihards: How to Name Your Fandom

• Cool for Scotland, but are people’s worlds so tiny that they need a cartoon to remind that of all the amazing places they could visit? That’s sad… Director of Pixar film Brave receives award after hit animation boosts tourism in Scotland

• It’s hilarious to me that even on British TV, sometimes the best thing on is a rerun of #LawAndOrder. #fuckyeahlawandorder Also: #fuckyeahlenniebrisco

• Well, yes. But male filmakers need women film critics, too. Basically, all filmmakers need critics who don’t align with their race/religion/ethnicity/sexuality/class/etc. Because that’s how the filmmakers learn how their stories play with people who don’t closely identify with them. “Women filmmakers need women film critics”: Meet Spectra, afrofeminist media partner for the London Feminist Film Festival

[This was posted at the Facebook page of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.]

• I approve this message “Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs are threatened by escalators”–Stephen Fry

books versus Kindle Stephen Fry quote

(hat-tip for today’s links: Ken, Tyler)

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