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are there different versions of Movie 43 in the UK and the US?

It would appear so. This was discovered on the Twitter when New York-based critic Lou Lumenick questioned my review of the film (I saw it in London), which mentions the framing story — involving some kids searching the Internet for “the most dangerous film in the world” — that does not appear in the version of the film he saw in New York. His version features Dennis Quaid as a demented screenwriter.
This was nowhere near anything I saw in Movie 43:

Movie 43 Greg Kinnear Dennis Quaid

Nowhere near.

It also makes me very sad to know that Greg Kinnear has any connection this awful film.

I think this could be the most egregious difference between international versions of a film ever. There are often small differences, often made to appease local censors. (I think The Hunger Games may have had a bit of blood splatter cut out for U.K. audiences that was left in for U.S. audiences, for example.) But this represents entirely different stories presented to various audiences. I don’t understand the rationale behind this, and frankly I’m pretty pissed off that I’ve been forced to think about Movie 43 more than it deserves.

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