fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Jan 5-11 2013

Actual unretouched phrases that people plugged into search engines this week that led them to this site (with some commentary from me):
“3 psychological concepts from tforrest gump”
“bang bang you’re dead study guide”
“black snake moan meaning”
“concept behind american psycho”
“meaning of horses in michael clayton”
“what conflict of the happy feet story” <--- I know what everyone’s homework assignment was... “are there any female minions in despicable me?” <--- note the assumption that the minions are male “claudia black ben browder married” <--- the new James Garner and Mariette Hartley (married? yes. to each other? no.) “straight woman long gaze” “seth macfarlane alcoholic” “aliens in stargate are stupid” “amelia pond fake” <--- yessss, she’s a fictional character “appeal to madame tussauds” “are brits americans” <--- whut? “brainy smurf fanfiction” <--- dear god no “combat coffee” “comic con is ruined” “doctor who dating site” “mariann johannsen film critic” “mary ann johansen” “maryanne johanson” “maryann johansson film critic” <--- there really are a ridiculous number of ways to spell both my names “mary ann crap” <--- thanks “tom ward david tennant” <--- I know, right? “daniel craig smiling” <--- so rare ya gotta Google to find it

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