House of Cards (trailer)

We talked recently about how the return of Arrested Development as 14 episodes released all at once via Netflix this coming May could be the future of “television.” But we may not have to wait that long to see how this method sits with viewers. Because Netflix is releasing all 13 episodes of its new series House of Cards this Friday.

Obviously there isn’t a rabid fandom for this story, but it is a remake of the 1990 British miniseries of the same name (which was in turn based on a novel), so there’s some name recognition. And that’s on top of the star power: Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright? Yeah, I’m gonna try to find time to watch this. It looks pretty juicy!

UPDATE: Turns out this is debuting on U.K. Netflix on Friday, too. Which I only discovered because I saw an ad on a bus shelter this afternoon.

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