question of the day: What movie event of 2012 will have the biggest impact in years to come?

Ted Mark Wahlberg

It wasn’t just a pretty good year for movies, 2012: it was also a year of some pretty major shifts in the Hollywood paradigm. A few of them (some borrowed from
• the rise of Seth MacFarlane as a movie player, with the phenomenal success of Ted (which has also proven that comedy can translate to non-English-speaking audiences)

• art filmmakers such as Ang Lee embracing 3D, with Life of Pi, also doing extremely well globally

• the arrival of 48fps (aka HFR, or high-frame rate) with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

• the explosion of films debuting on demand (at least in the U.S.), and a first real success with Bachelorette

• Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm

Any one of these alone has the potential to change the shape of movies in years to come. All of them occurring in a single year is huge.

What movie event of 2012 will have the biggest impact in years to come?

Don’t limit yourself to the list here if you can think of other big changes…

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