you won’t be able to unsee this horrifying and yet mesmerizing 1980s Hobbit book art (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Tee-hee! Stormtrooper: What I Do

Stormtrooper What I Do

• Wait, so, the woman, Diane O’Meara, whose photo was used to punk Manti Te’o is a “media executive and consumer Internet analyst and advocate” (which almost makes me think we’re all being punk’d now), and she appears to think that she has been somehow damaged in social media because of this hoax. I’m sure this hasn’t been fun for her, but it seems she’s overreacting a bit. How has her reputation taken a hit? I don’t see it… Through social media, a launch into the Manti Te’o scandal

• No, the world did not suddenly turn from black-and-white to color sometime in the 1930s… Paris 1914

color photo Paris 1914


• Rrrraaaaggghhhh! Can’t unsee! Horrifying and yet mesmerizing 1980s Hobbit book art! This book cover of The Hobbit from the 1980s is both hilarious & terrifying..

1980s Hobbit book cover

• Love! RT @scotteweinberg: Yowch! RT @gholson LIKE WATTO FOR CHOCOLATE #StarWarsSpinoffs

Zero Gundark Thirty RT @scottEweinberg: Wait Until Gundark #starwarsspinoffs

Bwahahaha! RT @EricDSnider: COOL HAN LUKE #starwarsspinoffs

The Han That Rocks the Cradle #StarWarsSpinoffs

Love it. RT @danowen79: DJANGO FETT UNCHAINED #starwarsspinoffs

LOL RT @bobdevney: .@maryannjohanson Another hospital show: OBI GYN #StarWarsSpinoffs

• Shaaaaaaaaatnerrrrrrrrrr!!!! Captain Kirk takes on Doctor Who Fans!

(hat-tip for today’s links: Word Smythic, FishbowlLA, PJK, @spliggle)

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