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Man of Steel (trailer)

I love this trailer. But what the hell kinda movie is this gonna be? How great would it be if this were some sort of insane arthouse take on Superman, as if Terrence Malick had gotten his mitts on some comic books? Of course that cannot happen, unless this was made for $1.98 and total worldwide box office domination were not a goal. But it’s nice to dream about it.

US/Canada release date: Jun 14 2013 | UK release date: Jun 14 2013

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  • This is gonna be a movie about the World being made of Cardboard: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WorldOfCardboardSpeech

  • Patrick Dodds

    I thought we already had the arthouse Supes seven years ago.

    God forbid, Superman should just be portrayed as a good guy with super powers without today’s audience laughing at the “Dudley Do-Right in a cape”.

    A superhero today has to be:

    A) self pitying/self loathing borderline sociopath

    B) a narcissistic, attention whoring borderline sociopath

    C) a brooding hard-ass borderline sociopath

    Oh, pop culture, you have such variety.

  • MisterAntrobus

    And heavens forfend that we have music in a major key for a bloody superhero. I found the lame Gladiator-rehash crap in this trailer so distracting and out of place that I had to go back and rewatch it just to catch the dialogue. Come on, man, he’s Superman! Why are you giving us something that sounds like a Requiem mass, Hans? At least Bryan Singer and John Ottman had the good sense to keep the iconic Williams Superman theme. This *looks* gorgeous, but sounds dreary and uninspired.

  • MisterAntrobus

    And I say that as a guy who really likes Lisa Gerrard – quite a bit, actually. I’ve loved her from the Dead Can Dance days on. But she’s just the wrong fit for Superman.

  • Kat105

    Do you think that it’s because Batman is so popular now? Because if so, not every superhero has to be like Batman! Some people call Superman boring for being a “Boy Scout,” well, how much more boring is it when *every* superhero resembles Batman? They say that it’s not “realistic” for Superman to be a humble idealist, but *that’s who he is.* Superman is a hero, not an anti-hero. He’s not supposed to be this dark, grim, and tormented figure.

  • I don’t see *anything* sociopathic in the Superman we see here. I do see a conflicted good man. Which is a helluva lot more interesting (potentially, at least) than a one-dimensional character. Dudley Do-Right is *dull*!

    I don’t remember an arthouse Superman. What did I miss?

  • In what way does the character we glimpse here resemble Batman?

    You do realize that even Boy Scouts aren’t “Boy Scouts,” right? :->

  • applekate

    Oh God. Enough with the superhero movies. Enough.

    (That being said, this was a well-made trailer.)

  • Patrick

    The arthouse Superman I was talking about was Bryan Singer’s 2 hour music video of Five For Fighting’s “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” with an emo in a cape.

    Also, Chris Reeve’s Superman was a conflicted good man *and* a boy scout to boot!

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    1. SUPERMAN!! *squee*

    2. While I like Zack Snyder’s visual aesthetic, and think his Watchmen was as good an adaptation as that book was going to get, I’m not sure I can ever forgive him for the cinematic abortion that was Sucker Punch.

    3. SUPERMAN!! *squee*

    4. That cape has got to be CGI. No real cloth cape really flutters that perfectly.

    5. SUPERMAN!! *squee*

    6. Recognizable Howard Shore, then recognizable Hans Zimmer, but no John Williams? Odd choice, that.

    7. SUPERMAN!! *squee*

    8. Count me out of the “I just wanna see him punch stuff” crowd. Superman is always more interesting when he has to be cautious. This story looks like it might make yet another origin story somewhat essential.

    And finally, in case I didn’t mention…


  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I hope so.

  • MisterAntrobus

    Actually, Doc, regarding #6, I did a little poking around on Google. The music is actually a combination of an existing Lisa Gerrard/Patrick Cassidy song called “Elegy” and Craig Armstrong’s score from Elizabeth: The Golden Age. So I was wrong, too. This may sound Zimmeresque (mostly because of the Gladiator connection with Lisa Gerrard), but it doesn’t contain anything from Zimmer’s actual score. That is a bit of a relief (since I really did think it just sounded like recycled Gladiator), but not much, since I know Zimmer’s doing the score anyway and not taking anything from Williams’ iconic themes.

  • MisterAntrobus

    Of course, the Boy Scouts do have something in common with the guy who’s currently writing Superman comics, but that’s another thread . . .

  • Obviously, WB and the producers want to make a ‘clean slate’ for the reboot, which meant not using the iconic Williams theme. It would add baggage since people would probably associate it with the older films and Singer’s 2006 love letter to the Donner film. (But Zimmer would’ve probably used Williams’ theme if Snyder asked him to.)

    Zimmer says the score for this movie will be nothing like his Batman movies, but we’ll see. Something like “The Da Vinci Code” meets “The Thin Red Line” would be nice.

  • Holy shit, that is an amazing trailer. I love the tone, and the idea of getting a more complete story. I also liked the music, so hey. *shrugs*

  • PJK

    Maybe this movie will finally succeed in making Superman interesting. I’ve always found him to be the most boring of superheroes, mainly because he is so close to invincible. And of course because he has zero character defects.

    Because of this the Superman stories I’ve seen tend to be almost pure good versus pure evil, which becomes very dull indeed.

    Maybe this movie will finally humanize Superman in a way that makes him more interesting to watch.

  • RogerBW

    Well, it certainly makes a pleasant change from the usual fetishisation of small-town America as all that is unambiguously good about the world. Will the film actually look anything like this? Not a chance.

  • Bluejay

    Maybe this movie will finally succeed in making Superman interesting.
    I’ve always found him to be the most boring of superheroes, mainly
    because he is so close to invincible. And of course because he has zero
    character defects.

    All they really need to do is make a film out of Tom De Haven’s novel It’s Superman! and that would solve the problem.

  • CB

    Hey I think I know what would fit the bill — they should make a movie of the alternate universe comic where Superman landed in the U.S.S.R. and grew up with the same unflappable moral code, except it was Communist.

  • CB

    I agree with you on everything except point #5.

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