question of the day: What’s your favorite or pet “conspiracy theory” about a book, movie, or TV show?

Daniel Radcliffe

Emily Temple at The Atlantic has some fun exploring “conspiracy theories” in literature, or the alternative or subtextual ideas we’ve had about some of our favorite tales. You know, things like “Holmes and Watson are a gay couple” or “Holden Caulfield is gay” or– actually, there’s a lot of “omg, homo!” stuff here. But this is my favorite, and one I hadn’t heard before:

Hogwarts was all in Harry Potter’s head.

I stumbled across this one over at Cracked, where Karl Smallwood lays out the theory. Namely that Harry was an abused child who coped by escaping into a fantasy world, and turning all his real-life injuries into magical ones (Harry is sent to the infirmary six times over the series). This also, Smallwood notes, helps shore up all the plot holes inherent in Rowling’s world—that’s just Harry’s abused but growing mind trying to fit it all together.

And here’s a link to that Cracked piece, which goes into more detail.

What’s your favorite or pet “conspiracy theory” about a book, movie, or TV show?

I was quite proud to have developed my own conspiracy theory — and it really is more of a conspiracy theory — about Hamlet (although I discovered later that I am not the first person to have thought of this): Did Ophelia really commit suicide? Or was she murdered? Was she murdered, perhaps even by Hamlet himself, because she was pregnant with Hamlet’s child? Someday I’m gonna write my parody script for Law and Order: Elsinore with DCI Rosencrantz and DI Guildenstern and explore this some more…

Your turn. Have fun!

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