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Finding Vivian Maier (trailer)

A few days ago I posted a link to a story at Messy Nessy Chic about photographer Vivian Maier, whose work remained hidden until after her death. This is the teaser for the documentary about her that is coming soon.

The movie doesn’t have a release date; it’s not even finished yet, according to the filmmakers’ Facebook page. But it may be the movie I’m most excited to see right now. When I first read that Messy Nessy Chic piece, I could not stop looking at Maier’s photos. Now that I see this trailer, I’m even more hugely intrigued by this woman and why she was so secretive, and why her work remained hidden. I suspect the film may have a lot to say — if only inadvertently — about how women’s voices are muffled in our culture. If she were a man, she would have been working for Life magazine. Instead, she worked as a nanny and never even showed anyone what she was doing with her art.

Something about this reminds me of Searching for Sugar Man… and I could certainly do with another film like that.

US/Canada release date: TBA | UK release date: TBA
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