QOTD: Is fan funding the wave of the geek-movie and -TV future?

In case you haven’t already heard the news: a Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie exceeded its $2 million goal in 24 hours. This is what the figure looked like as of 10:30am GMT today:
Veronica Mars Kickstarter

It will almost certainly go much higher.

It’s kind of insane, the goodies backers will receive. At the $50 level, supporters get a digital version of the film soon after its release as well as a physical DVD that will contain bonus material, plus a limited-edition T-shirt, plus a PDF of the shooting script, plus other fannish goodies (like ongoing updates on the production). Just on a solely dollar-value basis, the film itself is pure gravy for a fan. I mean, it’s really easy to spend $50 for a DVD package and T-shirt from one’s favorite geeky thing even if that dough isn’t going to help get a movie made.

If this works, how can it not be replicated? More Firefly, anyone?

Is fan funding the wave of the geek-movie and -TV future?

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