QOTD: What is your most memorable movie poster ever?

Schindler's List poster

This headline caught my eye this morning:

‘Red coat girl’ from ‘Schindler’s List’: I was ‘horrified’

A taste of the full piece at Yahoo! Movies:

In 1993 she was just 3 years old. That’s when Oliwia Dabrowska portrayed Red Genia in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning “Schindler’s List.” Fast-forward 20 years later, and now Dabrowska has revealed she was quite distressed the first time she saw her historic role in the Holocaust drama — one in which she is depicted as having died at the hands of Nazis.

Spielberg had advised her to “grow up into the film,” she told The Times, warning her not to watch it until she turned 18. But a curious Dabrowska screened the film anyway. It’s a decision she said she “really regretted.”

“I was ashamed of being in the movie and angry with my mother and father when they told anyone about the part,” Dabrowska said of her initial position on being in “Schindler’s List.” “People said: ‘It must be so important to you, you must know so much about the Holocaust.’ I was frustrated by it all,” she added.

But now Dabrowska’s initial horror has turned into pride. “I had been part of something I could be proud of,” she said of her current thinking on her iconic role.

This reminded me of the power of that poster… because it doesn’t depict what you think it does. Or, at least, that was my reaction to it. I figured, when I first saw the poster, that it was an illustration — perhaps metaphoric, perhaps literal, perhaps both — of Schindler rescuing someone, which is what the movie is about. But in fact the body in the red sleeve is already dead, and it’s the discovery of her that spurs Schindler to action. I still reel from the horror of that: not just what it actually is about but how it is the opposite of the hopeful moment I originally perceived it as.

What about you?

What is your most memorable movie poster ever? And why?

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Tue, Mar 05, 2013 12:00pm

“Jaws” may be the most iconic poster for me: the oversized shark, the fear from below, the simplicity of the image & title. It’s so striking and memorable.

Another one is “Alien” – instantly recognisable icon of the whole series, with space all around and whatever’s inside just about to come out. I’m sure there are more original choices but as memorable posters go, those are pretty high up!

Tue, Mar 05, 2013 12:10pm

It’s probably true for a lot of people, but Star Wars was the first poster I actually paid attention to.

Tue, Mar 05, 2013 2:44pm

Silence of the Lambs has one of the cleverest posters, if you look at it closely. I’d agree with Jaws, and Alien-the images are simple, but extremely effective.

Tue, Mar 05, 2013 3:37pm

Most iconic, for me: the “no ghosts allowed” logo from Ghostbusters, followed by the Bat-insignia from Tim Burton’s Batman. No titles or further explanation needed.

RogerBW: the first Star Wars poster I paid attention to was the one for The Empire Strikes Back, with Han and Leia in the Rhett-and-Scarlett embrace, Vader’s mask looming in the background, Luke on the tauntaun, and ice all around. Romance, adventure, danger, other worlds, and a sense of impending dark and cold. Perfect.

Ryan Stone
Tue, Mar 05, 2013 4:17pm

Mine were all in 1999:

– American Beauty: the female belly with the red rose held upon it.
– Magnolia: Large white magnolia on black background; inside the magnolia are tiny, tiny frogs
– Fight Club: The one with just a simple bar of soap saying “FIGHT CLUB”

Wed, Mar 06, 2013 3:22am
Darryl Stewart
Wed, Mar 06, 2013 6:10am

The posters for my favorite trilogy–the Back To The Future trilogy.

Wed, Mar 06, 2013 9:29pm

Jaws, kids.

Mon, Mar 09, 2015 7:05pm

Don’t ask how I stumbled onto this old thread, but have something to add: The posters that got wheatpasted all over for Raging Bull. I finally got the one I’ve had rolled up since 1980 mounted onto canvas and framed. I think there were ones of all the major parts, but the one I’ve got is of DeNiro.