Doctor Who thing: Doctor Who vs Doctor Who in Sci-Fi Madness

Doctor Who versus Doctor Who

UPDATE: Chris DeFilippis says he’s working quickly to replace the voting system with something less of a hassle, and will post a comment here when that’s up and running.

Think March Madness (that’s American basketball for the rest of the world), only with science fiction shows pitted against one another. Organizer Chris DeFilippis of radio show DeFlip Side explains:

First round brackets have been seeded—a boggling array of genre shows, from 1950s classics to current day favorites. Which is better, The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits? The Greatest American Hero or Smallville? Speed Racer or Knight Rider?…

For the first round, I’ve tried to pair shows that are thematically similar. For example, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is pitted against Babylon 5. So some of the first round picks are going to be tough. But since bracket placement is completely random, we should wind up with some interesting competitions—and stunning eliminations—as the rounds progress. There will be six rounds in all, each lasting for five days, whittling the sweet 16 down to the elite eight down to the final four, until the top two TV shows duke it out in a three day battle royale, and one is crowned champion.

DeFilippis’ thematic pairing means that classic Doctor Who has been matched against new Doctor Who, and The Sarah Jane Adventures is pitted against Torchwood.

Doctor Who versus Doctor Who

First round voting ends later today! It’ll may be tough for Doctor Who fans to choose in this round, but it’ll get even tougher later. Vote at Sci-Fi Madness now, and don’t forget to go back for upcoming rounds.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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