the best tribute I can offer Roger Ebert…

…is a rerun of my What Film Critics Do meme thingy:

what film critics do

Ebert is a huge part of why I do what I do. It was because of his work with Gene Siskel on At the Movies on PBS that I first got an inkling that it was possible to talk about — to argue about — movies. His effect on me and what I’ve done with my life is incalculable.

I hate hate hate hate hate it — to paraphrase Ebert — when a writer says he or she is at a loss for words. You’re a writer, dammit. It’s your job to find the words. I’ve said this to writers I’ve been editing who’ve taken that lazy route.

But… I have no words right now.

So I’m just gonna go back to writing the review I’ve been working on this evening. And then I might watch another movie.

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