Doctor Who thing: US DVD customers get early peek at “The Name of the Doctor”

Doctor Who The Name of the Doctor

NOTE: There are NO spoilers in this post. I wouldn’t do that to you.

And yet I can’t seem to get advanced access to the episodes. From BBC News:

Doctor Who plea after US DVD error

US Doctor Who fans are being urged to keep the plot of Saturday’s finale secret after DVDs of the series were sent out early in error.

BBC Worldwide said “a small number” of fans had been sent pre-ordered DVDs three weeks early.

It asked those with the DVD not to reveal plot details which would ruin the “viewing pleasure” of others.

It promised footage of current Doctor Matt Smith with predecessor David Tennant “if everyone keeps the secret”.

Of course someone instantly spoiled the episode. A Bleeding Cool headline yesterday read:

Doctor Who Page On Wikipedia Hacked – It’s Now Nothing But A Spoiler

The Bleeding Cool post does not contain any spoilers; an update later in the day noted that the Wikipedia page was now back to normal. Though you’ll probably want to avoid it anyway till after Saturday if you don’t want the surprise ruined.

(I’ve been avoiding spoilers, by the way, and I plan to do so till the episode airs. I don’t want to know in advance what Moffat is going to do to us and to the Doctor.)

And bronxbee noted in an email to me, this DVD shipping error was big enough news to make the New York Times blog Arts Beat. I think it’s safe to say that Doctor Who has well and truly arrived in the American mainstream.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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