Edgar Wright is undead-blogging the making of Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

Ten years ago today, Shaun of the Dead started its shoot. Today, director Edgar Wright started posting photos from the shoot at his blog, Edgar Wright Here, and he’ll continue to do so, day by day, tracking the film’s production:

Let’s start with what we did on Day 1 of the shoot. Well how about the longest, most complicated steadicam shot of the film?

Shaun of the Dead

(Turns out that the location that served as the exterior of Shaun’s house, with the convenience store around the corner, is very close to where I’m living at the moment in Wood Green. I might have to take a walk there soon.)

So cool. Wright’s making-of blogging will continue “over the next month or two.” I’ll be tuning in.

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