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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

Now You See Me trailer: a kind of magic?

What? Is this an original idea? Not based on a TV show, a comic book, or a movie from my high-school years?

I’m stunned. It even looks good. *fingers crossed*

Are they really the Four Horsemen, of the actual Apocalypse? Are they doing real supernatural magic? I kinda hope not…

US/Canada release date: May 31 2013 | UK release date: Jul 3 2013
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  • Judy

    This looks wonderful. I’m with you, I hope it’s not supernatural magic. I love a movie trailer where I can’t figure out who to root for.

  • LaSargenta

    I saw this trailer when I went to see Iron Man 3. Looked good.

  • Karl Morton IV

    You neglected to mention the tip of the peak of the Awesome: MORGAN FREEMAN and MICHAEL CAINE!! I wish these guys had started working together decades ago!

  • That looks like so much fun. No way I’ll be able to see it in the theater, though. Bummer.

  • Fun bit: Woodkid is starting to show up in trailers!
    The actual video for Run Boy Run is pretty cinematic, worth a mention (not so surprising considering he’s a music video director in his day job):

  • RogerBW

    Looks like an interesting riff on the caper flick, a form for which I have a soft spot. Hope Michael Caine gets to be more than a stock villain.

  • JasperX

    Just got back from the premiere (in Taiwan). Have to say the twisting leverages between characters and the construction of the script which based on the magic’s deception principle are the most entertaining and intriguing part. The poorly-harnessed camerawork, the excessive use of CGI and the shaky ending is kind of off-putting. However, the whole movie is still posses enough charm, wit and pop corn elements to make it an out of ordinary piece.

  • It’s a variant of The Caper / Heist movie, with magicians instead of crooks. The acting is a little wooden in parts but the twist at the end honestly took me by surprise (knew it had to be a person with a grudge but they did a damn good job of hiding who it was). The biggest letdown was failing to let us meet the magician characters to get a better feel for them.

    The spiritual predecessor is The Sting. And in a good way.

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