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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Jun 22-28 2013

Actual unretouched phrases that people plugged into search engines this week that led them to this site (with some commentary from me):

“which animals have you sat on?” <-- accidentally, or deliberately? “her bowels prostitute” “bald beard glasses movie critic” <-- lots of them, in fact “jung qb lbh ybbx yvxr” <-- some sort of code? “dvd shop fart movies” “boyssperm gallery” <-- yuck “lesbain sex” <-- who is Les Bain? “college didn't teach me anything” “brainy smurf fanfiction” <-- by, or about? “doctor who how was boredom” “puff johanson death” <-- huh? “joke of the gaze” “smacked at work” <-- you were, or you want to be? “squid+porno” “unsexy actors 2013”

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  • Ok I don’t get it– “jung qb lbh ybbx yvxr” is clearly gibberish so how did that lead them to this site?

  • Bluejay

    who is Les Bain?

    The villain in L’ascension du chevalier noir?

  • RogerBW

    It’s rot13. (See rot13.com to decode.) Doesn’t answer why it led here, though.

  • So I was right: it *is* a code!

    What is the purpose of rot13?

  • RogerBW

    What is the purpose of rot13?

    Its computing origination was in USENET and dial-up BBSes, to hide things like punchlines and puzzle solutions, stuff that you wanted to distribute in the same post as the setup/puzzle but didn’t want people to read accidentally. A bit like printing answers upside down in a paper magazine.
    It’s also sometimes used for offensive material (particularly since most censorware is too stupid to spot it), and in some places words like “work” and “job”, or names of computer manufacturers, must be ROT-ed to avoid the wrath of the community.

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