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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Jun 22-28 2013

Actual unretouched phrases that people plugged into search engines this week that led them to this site (with some commentary from me):

“which animals have you sat on?” <-- accidentally, or deliberately? “her bowels prostitute” “bald beard glasses movie critic” <-- lots of them, in fact “jung qb lbh ybbx yvxr” <-- some sort of code? “dvd shop fart movies” “boyssperm gallery” <-- yuck “lesbain sex” <-- who is Les Bain? “college didn't teach me anything” “brainy smurf fanfiction” <-- by, or about? “doctor who how was boredom” “puff johanson death” <-- huh? “joke of the gaze” “smacked at work” <-- you were, or you want to be? “squid+porno” “unsexy actors 2013”

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