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heirs of Infocom; Vice suicide model speaks; how Tony Soprano changed TV forever (stuff I found online today)

• Boy, do I miss Infocom games…: Heirs of Infocom: Where interactive fiction authors and games stand today [arsTechnica]

• A few day ago I linked to a Jezebel piece about a fashion spread in Vice that used the suicides of women writers to sell clothing. Now, a model who appeared in that spread speaks: “You pose how you’re told to pose, you wear what you’re told to wear, you pose with who you’re told to pose with — even in situations where someone is physically unsafe, or enduring sexual harassment, if you say, ‘Stop, this is unsafe,’ most often the person who bears the brunt of that is the model. The model is the person who has the least amount of power in the situation.” Model From Vice Suicide Shoot Speaks: ‘I Was Uncomfortable’ [Jezebel] (Most shocking tidbit: the model wasn’t paid for the work. Apparently editorial work like this typically does not pay the models. WTF?)

• Another great tribute to Gandolfini: a rundown of all the iconic characters who came after him who wouldn’t exist if not for Tony Soprano. ‘Sopranos’ and the anti-hero: How James Gandolfini’s Tony changed TV [Digital Spy]

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