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Heat Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy

• 20th Century Fox is terrified that you might discover what the women starring in the upcoming buddy cop comedy The Heat look like. For the U.K. poster, Melissa McCarthy was Photoshopped into an unrecognizable piece of plastic. See Melissa McCarthy lost 30lbs on the Shitty Photoshop Diet [TheShiznit.co.uk] for a horrifying rollover that shows the drastic difference between the adorable McCarthy reality and what Fox thinks she should look like. Then let Molly Chance explain how the U.S. posters (above) are no better at ‘The Heat’ poster is a Melissa McCarthy Photoshop fail [Pop2It]. It’s like Fox is embarrassed of the very stars that will very likely make this movie a huge hit.

• And yet there’s this: On Newsstands, Allure of the Film Actress Fades [The New York Times]. It’s not that magazine editors don’t think readers want to see women on covers — it’s that they think readers don’t want “flawless film star[s]” but do want “television stars [who open] up about their struggles with weight, romance and family.” Maybe Fox should have thought twice about denying the “flawed” (ie, over-40, not skinny-blonde) realities of McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.

• The blueprint that dumbed-down and apathied-up American culture. How The American University was Killed, in Five Easy Steps [The Homeless Adjunct]

• All those paint-by-number movies Hollywood churns out? There’s a reason for that. Solving Equation of a Hit Film Script, With Data [The New York Times]

• How delusional is George Lucas? He thinks people will pay $150 to see a movie that’s been in theaters a year after everyone else has seen it. George Lucas & Steven Spielberg: Studios Will Implode; VOD Is the Future [Variety] Then check out an arthouse impressario breaking down Lucas and Spielberg’s panic. Guest Blog: Russ Collins Responds to Steven Spielberg [Ira Deutchman]

• Vice considers suicide a fashion statement. Vice Published a Fashion Spread of Female Writer Suicides [Jezebel] Or perhaps they’re saying that women writers are at their most beautiful when they shut up and die. Oh, are you offended? Vice is sorry you are incapable of appreciating their “unconventional… art-editorial point-of-view.” “Last Words”: A Statement from VICE Here’s the antidote: 16 Wonderful Photos Of Women Writers At Work: Genius, captured on camera. [BuzzFeed]

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