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The Way, Way Back trailer: the untold tale of awkward male teendom

I’m so glad someone finally has the guts to tell the truth about what it’s like to be an awkward teenaged boy. This is a realm of human experience that truly has never been explored on film before.

I, for one, am particularly gratified that this tale covers one vitally important lesson a young man needs mentoring in: how to objectify women in a way that allows him to pretend that the women he’s objectifying don’t realize that’s what he’s doing. (Of course we know he’s fooling no one, certainly not the women, because women’s perspectives on these things have been so fully explored in cinema that we’re all tired of them already, amirite?) Boosting a young man’s self-esteem at the expense of a young woman’s is part of what it means to be a man, and so few young men have a responsible adult to teach him these things.

US/Canada release date: Jul 5 2013 | UK release date: Aug 28 2013
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