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The Wolf of Wall Street trailer: ever since he was a kid he wanted to be a stockbroker

Oh. I thought this was a werewolf movie.

Guess I’ll have to make do with a new Martin Scorsese flick. “We were making more money then we knew what to do with”? My god, it’s gonna be another GoodFellas… which is an excellent analogy to make. Though perhaps it’s not very flattering to the mafia, who would surely be mortified to be likened to low-life Wall Street scum.

US/Canada release date: Nov 15 2013 | UK release date: Jan 17 2014
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  • Jan_Willem

    After translating the – surprisingly good – novelization of Pacific Rim into Dutch, I’ll be translating the memoirs upon which this film is based. Interesting times!

  • Lehman Bros may have moved slow, but that’s only because Lehman Bros didn’t have to move for anybody.

  • I suspect we’re going to have a ball applying the wit and wisdom of Henry Hill to this movie.

    “Fuck you, pay me” already works in so many ways when it comes to the shenanigans of Wall Street.

  • RogerBW

    I’m not much of a Scorsese or a DiCaprio fan, but more importantly I’m not really seeing anything here that wasn’t said twenty or thirty years ago.

  • Any surprise a Bust Out and a Bail Out are the same thing?

  • “For us to live any other way was nuts. Uh, to us, those goody-good people who worked shitty jobs for bum paychecks and took the subway to work every day and worried about their bills were dead. I mean they were suckers. They had no balls. If we wanted something, we just took it. If anyone complained twice they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again.” They can quote this verbatim from GoodFellas into Wolf of Wall Street and nobody would notice the difference.

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