The Fifth Estate trailer: here, have some Benedict Cumberbatch

The Wikileaks movie. And wow, Cumberbatch really sounds like Julian Assange.

Looking forward to this one. Though I’m getting pretty frustrated with these social-justice movies. Not the movies themselves — I don’t mean that. I mean, we never seem to get the consciousness-raising that should accompany them. There will be an Edward Snowden film at some point — in fact, I bet there are competing projects jockeying for position already in Hollywood. And all most people will care about is “Ooo, who is playing Snowden?” But everyone will shrug at the NSA stuff and say, “Well, what do you expect?”

Most people seem to want to pretend that they aren’t already characters in these dramas.

I hope to be wrong about that. Maybe a breaking point is somewhere just over the horizon…

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