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The Frozen Ground trailer: yet another serial killer flick

John Cusack as a serial killer. That could be interesting. If we must have another film about men who prey on women. If no one has a story we haven’t seen a million times before. No? No one?


US/Canada release date: Aug 23 2013 | UK release date: Jul 19 2013
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  • LaSargenta

    The more interesting thing seems to be Cage not overacting.

  • singlestick

    Serial killers are our boogeyman, our shark from Jaws, our Frankenstein Monster and Dracula. We love to tell stories about them, and even admire their skill and intelligence. We don’t care much about their victims, as long as no one we know was ever one of them.

    And as for “men who prey on women,” keep in mind that some of the worst of these killers have had female accomplices, and many of those who are caught and imprisoned have scores of female admirers, many of whom pepper them with marriage proposals.

  • bbear

    Huh. Based on the true story of Robert Hansen.

  • John Doe

    True story does that have a different twist – Hansen kidnapped strippers, flew out to remote locations and let them run … and then hunted them down and killed them for sport.

  • “Cleverness” in how a man kills is not a “twist.”

  • RogerBW

    Hudgens: “I’m not a wholesome Disney girl any more!”

    Cage: “IRS. What’s your excuse?”

    Cusack: “What am I doing here?”

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