Doctor Who thing: artist Stu MacKay’s Daleks as cultural commentary

I came across artist Stu MacKay’s work this weekend at the covered market in Greenwich. It was stuff like this that caught my eye:


You can see the clear Dalek inspiration. MacKay explains at his site, Cut N Paste Graphics:

This triptych is the third in a series of paintings by artist/designer Stu MacKay, titled ‘UK INVASION’, that explores the relationship between British classic popular culture, science fiction, institution and design – whilst questioning the ownership of visual imagery. This third wave explores the use of famous British architecture from the London skyline. All three painting in this third wave are named after H. G. Wells novels (an author we like to call ‘the Grand Daddy’ of British Science fiction)

The first painting in this third wave is titled “TIME MACHINE”, this painting combines the usual Sci-fi suspect with St. Stephen’s Tower (Big Ben a iconic image that symbolizes Politics) infused with a Halter-shelter (that is reflective of out of control). The second painting is titled “THE INVISIBLE MAN?”, using the Swiss Re building which was designed using the shape of an acorn and more famously know as the Gherkin, a name christened by the media. The artist has has always looked at the building as a cigar being stubbed out on the city of London. The last painting in this third wave is titled “War of The World” (WotW), celebrating Sir Christopher Wren the most famous architects of all time and using his St. Paul’s Cathedral (a iconic image that symbolizes Religion) dressed with four tools of propaganda (digital, audio, visual & literature).

Click over to Cut N Paste Graphics for many more examples of MacKay’s Dalek-ish art (as well as other fannish designs), all of which are available for mail order within the U.K.; ask about shipping elsewhere.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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