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Doctor Who thing: Peter Capaldi, teenaged Doctor Who geek

Turns out our new Doctor is a lifelong Doctor Who fan himself. In February 1974, the Radio Times published a letter from the 15-year-old Peter Capaldi:


@Matthew_Kilburn uncovered a May 1976 fanzine article by Capaldi, about the show’s opening credits (via Digital Spy):


And do not miss the post at SFX about how 14-year-old Capaldi so wanted to run the Official Doctor Who Fan Club that he became a thorn in the side of the 13-year-old kid who was running it. Capaldi was such a pain in the ass that a production secretary, who corresponded with the fan-club runner, actually wrote about Capaldi: “I wish the Daleks or someone would exterminate him or something to that effect.”

That could potentially happen now…

H/t’s: @Paul_Cornell, @emmafgreen.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • This is beyond amazing. The show really is made by fans these days, isn’t it?

  • PJK

    The only problem I have with fans creating new versions of shows that they themselves where fans of is that they have a tendency to only base those new versions only on those aspects of the original that they liked, not on all aspects that made up the original.

    This tends to take away some of what made the original show the thing that it was, which is a pity.

  • singlestick

    I guess this means that the 13 year old kid who was running the Doctor Who Fan Club will be in line to become the next Doctor after Capaldi moves on.

    These stories about Capaldi’s affection for Who is really amazing. Of course, he also went on to become an excellent actor (and even an Oscar winning director of a short film), so he is bringing a considerable amount of talent to the role.

  • Ohiopokey

    Wow, certainly explains the gleam in his eyes in his BBC self-introduction video. “I am the new Doctor….”

  • Paul

    You’re right. On the other hand, the assumption is that if they aren’t fans then they will be basing their version on all aspects that made up the original. Which is, of course, rather unlikely.

    I’m hopeful that Capaldi, fine actor, and forceful personality that he is, will bring something distinctive to the role.

  • That kid’s gonna be the new Master.

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